42. A brick, an elephant, a letter from a friend
January 24th, 2021

In & Of Itself
(File under: theater, magic, identity)

Watch: hulu.com/movie/derek-delgaudios-in-of-itself

How do I tell you about something that will be significantly more enjoyable the less you know about it? By giving myself six sentences to make my case (not including these ones).

1. Derek DelGaudio is an artist, writer, and magician, who was once an Artist in Residence for Walt Disney Imagineering.

2. His one-man show In & Of Itself ran for just over 550 nights between LA and New York, and is now streaming on Hulu.

3. It’s a show about identity and storytelling.

4. It’s a show with magic in it, but one where the magic is peripheral and illustrative, not the main attraction.

5. It’s moving in a way that I—and apparently much of its audience—did not anticipate.

6. It’s the first show of its kind where I barely want to acknowledge its tricks, let alone know the mechanics behind them.

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