36. So long
December 6th, 2020

Muzz - Bad Feeling
(File under: music, illustration, horns)

Listen: muzztheband.bandcamp.com/track/bad-feeling

According to Spotify, I first listened to Muzz’s ‘Bad Feeling’ on March 12th 2020, one day after the coronavirus outbreak was formally identified as a pandemic. The fact that this song, the one I listened to more than any other this year, opens with the lyric “Yeah we’re rolling/We’re living outside now,” is easily the worst cosmic joke of the year.

Gizem Vural

Somewhat predictably given the person writing this email, ‘Bad Feeling’ is misty-eyed but hopeful, and features a last second bloom of tenor sax that sounds like sunlight. It makes for a good double feature with the comic above by Gizem Vural, an illustrator whose work I discovered and fell head over heels for this year. Rendezvous in the bottom right panel in 2021. Bring snacks.

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