31. Scoville Disco
October 25th, 2020

Daphni / Paradise - Sizzling
(File under: music, horns, spice)

Listen: caribouband.bandcamp.com/track/sizzling

Please indicate your preferred spice level:

  1. 1. Not spicy
  2. 2. Mild
  3. 3. Spicy
  4. 4. Thai spicy
  5. 5. Volcanic
  6. 6. Automatic death
  7. 7. This song

Daphni throws ‘Sizzlin Hot‘ (a 1981 song by Bermudian boogie outfit Paradise) into a pot and reduces it down to its most concentrated form—horns, cowbells, a four-on-the-floor courtesy of your upstairs neighbor and their new 10ft kick drum.

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