Jez Burrows is a designer and illustrator
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Jez Burrows is a designer, illustrator and woodland appreciator. He is co-founder of independent press Sing Statistics and frequent contributor to It's Nice That.

Selected Clients
O2, Nike, WNYC, The New York Times, WIRED, GOOD, Dwell, Monocle, &c.
06/11 Loop (Marshalls Mill, Leeds)
03/11 Pick Me Up (Somerset House, London)
08/10 Turn Up The Colour (Analogue Books)
05/10 Pick Me Up (Somerset House, London)
07/09 We Are The Friction (Analogue Books)
06/09 Print Factory (Owl & Lion, Edinburgh)
05/09 Story Motel (Owl & Lion, Edinburgh)
05/09 Edition (Bodhi Gallery, London)
06/08 Self (Castor + Pollux, Brighton)
06/08 Into The Woods (Free Range, London)
06/08 Degree Shows 08 (University of Brighton)
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The Modern Listener's Guide
November 2009

A series bringing together the previously disparate worlds of indie-rock and information graphics, for reasons that still aren't immediately clear. Large-format limited screenprints, the first of which being a lyrical and statistical analysis of Destroyer's Destroyer's Rubies.

Available to buy.