16. A 30-minute idyll
July 12th, 2020

A Very Long Way Away
(File under: radio, portland, ambient, pals)

Listen: mixcloud.com/Neil_Simpson

A shorter than usual email this week. I’m writing from the geographical center of a migraine and want to look at this screen as little as humanly possible—but here’s something I’m trying to shoo the pain away with in the meantime.

My pal Neil hosts a radio show called A Very Long Way Away for Freeform Portland, an independent and volunteer-run radio station. You can pick any week and be rewarded with a wildly eclectic mix of music. “What is this,” you’ll repeatedly say to yourself as you listen, eyebrows furrowed. I’d recommend readers of this newsletter this show in particular, an idyllic half hour of gentle instrumentals, cooing and purring and chirping. The vibes are astonishing. Enjoy.

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